Citarum, What A Poor River!


More than 25 million people rely heavily on flowing from Mount Wayang in Bandung’s district of Kertasari to Bekasi’s distric of Muara Gembong.

That doesn’t include tens of millions of people who take benefits  from the river such as irrigation, fisheries, and electricity.

What a poor river, all kinds of waste, from household waste to the most dangerous waste plant, are dumped into river of 300 miles length. The situation is exacerbated, for the forest along the flow has long been converted to vegetables and other seasonal crops field on steep slopes with agricultural system that are not environmentally friendly. Rapid stream erodes fertile topsoil, settles sediment in the bottom of the river, and there arise floods in the rainy season. In the dry season the water disappeared, for the trees have long been cut down. ( Foto:republika.


Persib, bobotohnya, serta kejadian aktual sa alam dunya!

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