#PersibWorld Heavy Struggle To Break Bad Records!

    28 October 2017 15:17
    Herrie Setyawan said that the challenge for Persib were hard. 8 previous matches with 6x draw and 2x defeat, challenge him for reach 3 full point.

    "Finally Persib can reach the maximum points in the home match. Strong struggle, before play after losing in Lamongan, our draw at home match, is very hard for the players," said Herri to media crew during Press Conference After the match at Si Jalak Harupat Stadium on Friday, 27/10/2017.

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    The coach's Assistant coach that was representing head coach Emral Abus, who in the match could not accompany the team, hoping that in the future Persib have a progress. "We are determined that the rest of the match must be maximum, I always sayed, we should have a progress every matches and we will be maximal," he said again.

    Therefore Herrie also hopes Bobotoh gave the best prayer for Persib so he and his team can maximal again. He also appreciated the journey of Kim Jeffrey dkk who in the last minutes were struggling to made a goal to Mitra Kukar that guarded by Gerri Mandagi.

    In the match against Mitra Kukar on Friday afternoon, Persib managed to bend Mitra Kukar with a score 3-1 (0-00) The goal was created by Febri (58), Marclei (70), Achmad Jufriyanto (90 + 5), Raphael Maitimo (90+ 5). (Bobotoh.id/Raffy/Nizar/Ricky)

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