#PersibWorld Judging Aqil Saviq, Persib Young Goalkeeper

    12 January 2018 16:26
    Persib officially bring some new players to the next competition. From many famous names, Aqil Savik is the only one.

    Successful being promoted from junior team Persib Bandung, Aqil must take a steep road to become the main pillar in the Bandung Tiger's squad. How not, Persib have a ranks of first class goalkeeper who are fighting for a place in the main squad.

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    Aqil succes in Persib senior team and his journey during training with senior team, positively assessed by Persib coaching staff. Anwar Sanusi said, so far this former U19 national team showed a good improvement. Only Away who see a shortcomings that must be improved again.

    "Yes so far is good, he has a positive progress, hopefully we will uper his strength later. There are some parts that must be strengthened again in his physical strength,"

    Aqil Savik success look brilliant when U-19 national team struggled in AFF Cup U-18 who trained by Indra Sjafri. Experience and performance who was displayed by the 18-year-old man success to attract attention from the new coach Persib Bandung, Mario Gomez. (Bobotoh.ID/FY. Photograph: AH)

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