#PersibWorld The End Was Painful ! (Photographs)

    13 November 2017 17:53
    Persib Bandung must accept the first and last defeat at home match in Indonesia's Liga 1 2017. Crawling at the beginning, stuck in the half and slumped at the end of the season.

    Though this is a closing match that was held again in the home of Bandung since 2008 ago. The match against Perseru Serui at Si Jalak Harupat Stadium, Bandung, on Sunday 12/11/2017 is a painful defeat.

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    In addition to Persib Bandung, this defeat also 'Dropped' Semen Padang FC to the brink of degradation. Their 2-0 victory over PS TNI at Haji Agus Salim Stadium that was held simultaneously, as if by no means.

    For Bobotoh who since the beginning of the season demanding changes in Persib body on 2017 season, this defeat proves their voice was not heard by Persib Bandung. The teams that they love to die, as if deaf until the season ends.

    Heavy rain flooded Bandung and surrounding areas. Si Jalak Harupat Stadium seemed to accept the sadness of the sky and Bobotoh that were disappointed, sick, and hurt.

    There is no eternal victory, neither is the defeat. This season we have to be patient, far above our ability. Hopefully in the future, the season will change again, the world revolves, and the buds of hope will again grow.

    Here are some photos of the last match that successfully captured by the photographer of Bobotoh.id, Adam S. Husein at the last match Persib Bandung vs Perseru ended with the score 0-2 for Perseru victory. (Bobotoh.id/Ricky N.Sas)

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